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Hetalia - A World History RP

Hetalia: Axis Powers

That is the name of a popular historical role-play that originated primarily in Japan. One person from each country around the world (preferably a person with a political background or a good way of finding information on current and past events) joins this “game” and plays as the human personification of his or her country.

The only real requirements of this role-playing game are as follows:
  • You must be realistic; know your country inside and out, and stick to historical or current events when playing.
  • When in character, you are only to be called by the name of the country you represent (i.e., America instead of Alfred Jones, Russia instead of Ivan Braginski).
  • And once you sign up, you can never quit, unless the country you represent happens to “dissolve”.

    This role-play has drawn quite a few curious people to it, and many have already signed up. This role-play is very engaged, and includes “World Meetings” that are generally held in the vacant meeting rooms of business buildings somewhere in Europe or Asia. These meetings are held once every few months in an attempt to settle down and actually think about their countries and debate on important issues, such as if they should go to war or how to make them better.

    However, these things are rarely ever accomplished.

    Outside of this role-play, the players are ordinary people. Some have parents who are high in the political hierarchy. Some are “in” with the politics themselves. And others have “other” ways of getting the info they want. But beyond that, they are normal people leading normal lives in normal towns in the normal world.

    Except, that is, for their odd little obsession. Some of them have been in Hetalia: Axis Powers for years, while others have only just joined. But whether they’re experts or newbies, one thing remains certain: you’re in it for life.

    So come on and join them. You might meet some...”interesting” people along the way.

    This is a literate, PG-13 role-play where you can RP both historical events and AU human events. Many characters still open!

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