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[Official] Blog Update: Austria, Prussia, and....[UPDATE!]


Himaruya posted another update!: http://himaruya.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-1123.html

UPDATE! Photobucket

"Yeah Cuz I'm Poppy!
For Austria, Prussia's coming to provoke a war Prussian Ou
Why take a cute attitude continued neutrality.
I 殴Ritai Prussia, Germany (small) is 殴Ritakunai. Called.

↓ comic sites for Innovation has come out against the story preface Ou Pu
話Ji ゃないのでなんていうかそのごべんなざい much ....

France and the French guy is my brother.

[info]houroumusume 's translation:


Austria: If I lose to Prussia then my existence will be... But if I win then Germany will...
Prussia: Bring it on!!

In the time before the Austro-Prussian War, when Austria was being provoked, the reason for his continued uncertain attitude towards Prussia is cute. He wants to hit Prussia but he doesn't want to hit (little) Germany. That kind of thing.

↓The comic below this is for the site and is something simple about the Austro-Prussian War, but it's nothing important, so sorry about that...

France: If you give me the left bank of the Rhine I'll give you 300,000 troops!!
And Big Brother France did what Big Brother France does."

Feel free to correct anything seeing as how that is a rough translation :D

So is that little Germany or...?! Yup, turns out that is little Germany. So does this mean that Germany isn't HRE afterall? But that's- I mean just look at him! This just raises more questions, I think XD
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