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Instrumental Song Titles

I really like the way that the instrumental versions of various Hetalia character songs aren't just called "instrumental version" or "karaoke version", they're called things like "Paris is Indeed Splended ~Big Brother France is on a Journey of Love ver.~"

The thing is, I'm having a hard time finding a lot of those titles, especially for the character CDs that came out in 2009. Either the name was never translated or it was translated shakily at best (like France's songs above). Heck, I can't even find the Japanese title for America's songs! In short, I would really appreciate some help translating/finding translations of these songs' titles, because they're kind of really freaking adorable and I can't believe they've been overlooked for so long. And the OCD part of my brain that has to color-code the dishes would really appreciate it.

So far, here's what I can find as far as Japanese titles go (image songs from the same character have the same name unless specified otherwise):

Italy: ~ヴェネチアーノ家出中ver.~
Romano: ~ロマーノ家出中ver.~
Germany: (俺は留守にしている!ver.)
Japan: (申し訳ありません。ただいま留守にしておりますver.)
England: (うん?今はティータイム中だぞver.)
France:  ~お兄さんは愛の旅路中ver.~
America: ...I can't find it. I can't even find a scan of the tracklist. The best I can find is a post where a guess is made about the translation ("Being transformed into a HERO!" or something similar).
Russia: Here is a scan of the tracklist, best I could find.
China: Another scan. Tracklist at bottom right.
Ren Ren Renaissance: ~ふたりでおさんぽちゅうVer.~
Mein Gott: Strangely enough, there seem to be two:(ひとりおやすむぜ!Ver.)from the Mein Gott single and 俺様なしで演奏してみろ!Ver.  from the World Ondo single.
The Song of the Amazing Me: Actually has a solid translation. "~I'm taking a rest with my little bird! ver.~" (~俺様は小鳥と休息中だ!ver.~)
La pasión no se detiene ~Tomaranai Jounetsu~: Also translated. "I'm currently on bull-running festival ver." (牛追い祭中や!ver.)
WA! Wa!! World Ondo: Is called みんな輪になっておやすみ中Ver. on the single, but just called instrumental on the soundtrack.

The rest either don't exist or don't have special names. Non-Italy MKC's and Hatafutte Parades don't seem to have instrumental versions. Strangely (and sadly), neither do "Carrot and Stick" or "With Love From Iceland" (unless they were just never uploaded).

Er... this is, like, my second time ever making an LJ entry so if I screwed up (which I probably did) please tell me, okay? Same goes if this isn't allowed for whatever reason. :'D Thank you!
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