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[Fanfic] Your Love

Title: Your Love
Artist: dajra 
Character/Paring(s): Italy, mentions of Germany/Italy and HRE/Italy
Rating: G
Warnings: Angst--vague poetry is vague, un-beta'd, drabbled, and all those good things. Hell, it may not even make sense, but I guess that's up to the reader. =w=
Summary: Italy's point-of-view on his relationship. Inspired by this picture by this artist.

Every smile.

Every glance I catch.

Every touch of hands.

Every brush of lips.

...your love.

Every moment is precious
Something to be remembered, immortalized

I haven't smiled so much in so long
Truly smiled
Or smiled so wide it hurt my cheeks

I haven't cried so much
and had someone waiting to pick me up
Even with impending lectures
I can't help but be happy

I haven't laughed so much
From all your cute mannerisms;
The constant blushes at the smallest of things
The little scowls at the tiniest of imperfections
The twisting of everything into a serious event

I haven't needed someone so much
Needed someone to hug and kiss me
To protect and rescue me
To tolerate and indulge me
To love and accept me
To want me
To need me

Your love.

I want it
I need it

The kisses, the hugs
The attention, the worry
The scowls, the smiles
The shouts

Those words

I haven't wanted so much.

I haven't needed so much.

…I haven't remembered so much

Things from a past I could never forget
Memories of a boy I can never see

The smiles.

The frowns.

The laughter, the hugs, the kisses.

The waiting

Years and years of waiting

Desperately hanging on to a memory
Unable to forget
To let go
To stop

To give up hope

…to love

To love someone else
After all the years of waiting
After all the promises of future meetings
After all the hoping and dreaming for a love to return
After all the heartache
After all the tears
After it all

To be loved
To be needed
To be wanted and adored
To be cherished
To be treasured

To want too much…

Your love

is choking me.
Tags: -germany, -italy north (veneziano), fan: fic

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