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Some Random Gakuen Hetalia (PSP) Scenes Translated by me!

Or we meet the Tomato Box Fairy's cousin!

Original Footage from xxxvzsadlmlr on YT.

Gakuen Hetalia PSP Video Post

The cousin sounds like Mickey Mouse, btw.

Just a little something I did as an experiment. I'm using annotations instead of doing how I usually sub Hetalia because it saves a lot of time + it saves my jalopy of a computer. Because I am using annotations, please be sure to enable them in the video to view the subtitles. The annotation button is located right next to the video quality button (360 stuff etc.) If you have any sort of trouble viewing the video or having a hard time reading the subtitles, please do not be afraid to inform me and I shall do my best to fix it.

Switzerland's Missing Lunch

Horror strikes poor neutral Switzerland as he has misplaced the lunch his moe sister, Liechtenstein, made for him with sibling love. Luckily, Francey, Seyphne, and Italy-doo are on the case!

Seven Wonders of the Academy: The Moving Statues

Join Seyphne, Velgary, and special guest Liechtenstein and the Harlem Globetrotters as they solve one of the seven wonders of the academy.

The Locker Fairy

Looks like England isn't the only one who can see fairies. Seychelles and Hungary encounter the cleaning locker fairy, who smells of fresh Pine-sol and pasta, surprisingly.
Tags: -france, -greece, -hungary, -italy north (veneziano), -liechtenstein, -seychelles, -switzerland, fan: translation, fan: videos
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