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[FANVID] Hey, hottie!~♥

Title: Che bambola!
Author: myself
Characters and pairings: Italy x Gemarny, I think? Many other characters do appear, no OC. There will be also Canada, but maybe you won’t see him. But he's here.
Rating: E. But a bit soft-yaoi.
Warnings: There will be a wanted kiss, a menacing marriage, some hugs here and there and an attempted rape. Oh, England speakes, but it is censored. But is all meant in a very funny way, is nothing serious.
Summary: This is not an AMV, since I personally did all the drawings. Is a story about Italy trying to receive a kiss from Germany, but in the end... well you know. Other characters are spying on them, or simply try to imitate them, or things that even I don't understand that much. 

Yesterday a was a bit bored, I wanted to draw, but I couldn't concentrate on something serious, it seems. My father was listening to the radio and a strange song passed by. I was suddenly caught by an inspiration. And this video came out.


Maybe is better that you read this before watching:
1) You know, the song is in Italian. So, I tried to translate it. It is not a correct and literal translation, though. In the song there are terms that are very much typical of Italy and they're hard to render in English... But the sense of the song is pretty much that.
2) The song is referred from a man to a woman... Don't mind it.
3) I added notes to explain you some things of the translation at the end.
4) Probably most "non-italian-speaking-guys" won't find it funny at all (maybe the Italians neither... What did you expect from me? C'mon XD)
5) I'm not a pro, the drawings may suck a lot. But, since this is supposed to be funny, I guess it can be accepted? (And it seems I can't draw male legs and foots. Sorry, my bad.)
6) If you're wondering, this song is called Che bambola!, written and sung by Fred Buscaglione in 1956.

Mi trovavo per la strada circa all'una e trentatrè, l'altra notte

The other night I was on the road, it was about 1.33 (AM)

Mentre uscivo dal mio solito caffè

I was coming out from my usual bar

Quando incontro un bel mammifero modello "centotrè" (*)

When I met a beautiful mammal, a "model 103"



Riempiva un bel vestito di magnifico lamé (***)

She was filling a suit of magnificent lamè,

Era un cumulo di curve come al mondo non ce n'è

She was a combination of curves as no one the world

Che spettacolo, le gambe, un portento, credi a me

And what a show her legs, a wonder, believe me



Ehi, ehi, ehi, le grido, piccola

"Hey, hey, hey", I told her, "baby"

Dai, dai, dai, non far la stupida

Come on, come on, come on, don't be silly

Sai, sai, sai, io son volubile

You know, you know, you know, I am a fickle

Se non mi baci subito tu perdi una occasion

If you don't kiss me now, you'll lose an opportunity

Lei si volta, poi mi squadra come fossi uno straccion

She turned, and she looked at me like I was a beggar

Poi si mette bene in guardia come Rocky, il gran campion

Then she put up a pose like she was the great champion Rocky

Finta il destro e di sinistro lei m'incolla ad un lampion

She pretended to hit me with the right, and with her left stuck me on a street lamp



Lei, lei, lei, spaventatissima

She, she, she was so frightened

Lì per lì diventa pallida

And became pale

Poi, poi, poi allarmatissima

Then, then, then, so much worried

Mi abbraccia per sorreggermi, le faccio compassion

She hugged me to support me, she pitied me

Sai com'è, ci penso sopra e poi decido che mi va…

You know, I thought about it and decided that I liked it

Faccio ancora lo svenuto quella abbozza e sai che fa?

I was pretening to be passed out, and do you know what she did?

Implorandomi e piangendo un bel bacio lei mi dà…!

Begging and crying, she gave me a kiss!



(*) 103 was a model of automobile by FIAT produced starting 1930 in Italy, more or less. It had the name 1100. Around the period of that song, a new model, the 1100/103, came out with a huge success. I couldn't translate that.
(**) "bambola" is a term I found hard to translate in English. It means "very beautiful girl" or something like that. I saw a few movies in which they used the expression "what a hottie", so maybe it can be correct... But I really don't know.
(***) I don't know how lamè can be translated, or even if it needs a translation. Lamè is a synthetic tissue used for make "glimmering" dresses. Like in gold or silver, I think.

Thanks you for you time. Comments are always fun to read, BTW (⌒▽⌒)b

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