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[Fanfic] Crass, Mask, My Boy, Guilt

Excuse the fanfiction dump. I figured it would be best to post them all at once in one post. All written by me.

Title: Crass
Characters/pairings: Austria, Netherlands, France; Netherlands/Austria
Rating: PG13-15-ish
Warnings: Clothing kink, dirty talk kink (albeit 1810 dirty talk), fade-to-black.
Summary: Written from a prompt by tiniestderp for Ned/Aus with a kink for fancy clothing and dirty talking.
“Well?” Austria blinked, realizing that Netherlands was staring down at him questioningly. The Austrian did his best to steel his expression, refusing to show an ounce of embarrassment from the thought of being caught eyeing the Dutchman’s clothing, let alone the man himself.


Title: Mask
Characters/Pairing: Egypt, Turkey, America; Turkey/Egypt
Rating/warnings: PG-13, use of the word fuck, allusions to characters having sexual relations, and kissing
Summary: Inspired by a piece of fanart in which Turkey had a large scar on his face. I no longer have a link to the work.

Egypt shook his head and sighed, placing the glasses down. “It’s silly. I can wait,” he replied, raising a hand to brush his fingers along Turkey’s knuckles. Egypt noted the way that Turkey’s eyes narrowed as if he was furrowing his brows in confusion. Egypt missed those brows.


Characters: England, Sealand, brief mentions of Finland and Sweden.
Rating: G or PG
Warnings: Nothing really. Unless you count not using a name for literary impact but it doesn’t matter since it’s in the summary so it’s already given away anyway.
Summary: Sealand asks about liking people and England reconsiders his life choices.


Characters: Belarus, Russia, mentions of Ukraine
Rating: PG
Warnings: Arguing, implying Ukraine has a lover
Summary: Russia worries about his older sister whiles Belarus insist they just trust Ukraine. Argument ensues.

Tags: -austria, -belarus, -england, -netherlands, -russia, -sealand, fan: fic

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