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Swept Away {Part 1/2}

Author: heartless9
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Rating: Mature (for second part)
Pairings/Characters: Germany, Italy, England, France, Japan, Russia, Canada, America, might contain hints of USUK
Warnings: This is a fic that has to deal with cults and religion, I recommend caution if you're uncomfortable with this, blood, torture, cursing
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine, "Swept Away" belongs to Flyleaf, story idea is mine.
Summary: Inspired by the song "Swept Away" by Flyleaf. The economy of America is almost completely resolved in under a short amount of time. America's secret? His new church... *sucks at summaries*


                          "You idiot! How dare you make this happen! We're all sick and it's all your fault!"

                 The United States of America is in turmoil, it's cities in shambles, it's citizens jobless and in poverty. The reporters and news anchors claim they haven't seen the economy like this since the Great Depression. They fear the worse as political heads make one mistake after another, giving the people the worse scare of their life. Alfred F. Jones, and the rest of the G8 have heard these, and blame him for it. They had to, for they were being affected as well, getting weak and sick. He sits in his assigned seat in the meeting room, taking their verbal lashings and heated blames. He promised them that everything will get better, everything will be in control. His promises meets untrusting people, and they leave him, giving him one last chance.

                 As he's walking around the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah, he's approached by a woman in very nice, clean, dark blue pair of scrubs. She's smiling and offers him a flyer for free yoga classes. Of course, he's slightly put off by this woman, being wary of her in the selected outfit, but she assures him and says that the man teaching the lessons is very well trained by Buddhist masters of Zen. He brushes her off with a thank you, but she stops him by telling him that he could change Alfred's life. He asks her how, and she replies that this man could influence the way he lives and change him for the better good and give him a second chance when no one can. 

               Alfred F. Jones takes this free yoga class.


              "Ve~ did you hear the news, doitsu?" Italy pipes up from beside his friend, the country Germany. Ludwig turns to the small, annoying Italian and is curious.

               "What news? Does it concern the G8?" Germany sets down today's meeting agenda in the selected places of the different nations, hoping that what Feliciano says is of some importance and not of what pasta can do for one's health.

               "America's economy has improved greatly!" he bursts out happily, "I remember the news saying that Alfred's boss made some very wise decisions a few months back, and now his citizens have jobs, the government spending has been regulated and that his debt to China has reduced greatly, and they'll pay it back in no less than four years!"

               Germany dropped his papers, spreading them out onto the freshly cleaned beige carpet. His mouth was hanging open, his blue eyes wide in shock. He turned to the Italian and grasped his shoulders and began shaking him. "Tell me you're not lying, Italy! This is nothing to joke about, you idiot!"

              Feliciano began crying immediately and screamed, "No! I'm not telling a joke! Please Germany don't kill me! I'm a virgin! It's illegal in my home to kill a virgin!" 

              The German sighed and, to his surprise, believed Italy. He did notice that his health was getting better, and so had the other G8 members and other countries in America's trading imports. He let go of the screaming Feliciano and continued trying to get everything prepared for the meeting that was supposed to start an hour ago, much to you-know-who's fault.

             Soon, the nations appeared and took their seats. Germany cleared his throat an was about to start until England had interrupted him. 

              "Germany, don't you think we should wait for America? He hasn't arrived." 

               He looked at Alfred's empty seat and was surprised. "I didn't even know he wasn't here. Are you sure he isn't just like...uh...what's-his-face?"

               "Who? Canada?" France said after fixing his hair in a small compact.

               "Um, yes, him, are you sure America isn't like that once in a while?" Germany asked. Much to Canada's ignored complaints, England answered with a "no."

               "He isn't like Canada, he's too loud and idiotic, so we'd notice him after he would walk in the door," England explained with a self-satisfied grin.

               Japan agreed. "Yes, it wouldn't be like America-san to not be here, especially after the news of his economy."

                "You've heard it too, Japan?" Germany asked. The ancient nation nodded. 

                "What news? Has his economy gone to the loo again?" England asked with annoyance and anger laced within his words.

                "On the contrary, Angleterre. His economy has improved greatly, and I'm so very proud of him for coming out of this recession so fast!" France laughed, but then a confused look grew on his face. "I'm surprised you didn't know this by now, Arthur."

                England took offence to this. "Now, you should know that I don't keep up with the bloody git! I'm not his keeper!"

                 Francis was delighted. "Ahonhonhon England, you get so very cute when you're frustrated, no?"

                 "Calm down, you two," Russia said with the childish smile on his face. "I'm pretty sure he's just wallowing in his depression and plotting a way to commit suicide!"

                Everyone but him was now uncomfortable, worried about Russia's mental stability and scared shitless at his child-like grin. Germany was going to say something to break the awkward silence, until the doors opened. They revealed Alfred, except...he didn't look like the America they knew. He was dressed in a dark blue longsleeved collared shirt, with fresh, crisp khaki's, polished leather shoes, and a pleasant smile across his face. England made contact with his eyes, and his brows knitted together as he noticed that the sky blue was now a dull sapphire.
                "Good morning, everyone," he said, but not with the overactive energy his voice once held, instead, it was replaced by a soft monotone that mothers would use to lull a baby to sleep. He went to his seat, and sat properly, with his knees touching and his hands on the table, like a confident gentleman, instead of a young adult.

                The German sighed. "Good morning, America. I'm glad to see you've made it." 

                America gave a smile to the older nation, but this smile was not the way he usually smiled. His smile included all of his teeth, his lips pulled back to his ears, along with his signature cry. But this smile was closed, and reminded Ludwig of a killer. He shivered and looked away.

               They started the meeting, with no flaws and no interruptions from the nations. England, being America's guardian for so long, so naturally knowing the young man inside and out, knew something was out of place with him. The American would never sit properly, eat in front of everyone, yell out ridiculous answers and theories. He would even leave meetings halfway through. This America, however, was sitting quietly and smiling at everyone, even Russia. Deep in his heart, he knew this was not the America everyone knows. 



Tags: -america, -canada, -england, -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -russia, fan: fic, mature: violence

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