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Swept Away {Part 1/2}

Author: heartless9
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Rating: Mature (for second part)
Pairings/Characters: Germany, Italy, England, France, Japan, Russia, Canada, America, might contain hints of USUK
Warnings: This is a fic that has to deal with cults and religion, I recommend caution if you're uncomfortable with this, blood, torture, cursing
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine, "Swept Away" belongs to Flyleaf, story idea is mine.
Summary: Inspired by the song "Swept Away" by Flyleaf. The economy of America is almost completely resolved in under a short amount of time. America's secret? His new church... *sucks at summaries*


                     See them surrenderCollapse )


Tags: -america, -canada, -england, -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -russia, fan: fic, mature: violence

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