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[fanart/questionnaire ] Strategic Coattails, and Scottish Fold

Author/Artist: Yours truly
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, Cat!England, Spain
Rating: E
Warnings: Full English breakfast, Catalia, crack, unfortunate sartorial choices (not all at the same time)
Summary: One is a de-anon from the kink meme with general corrections and some actual shading. The other is a cracky request.
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This is drawn for the 1000th DA pageview, with the request being "Spain...Pimpin it out in a purple pimp suit. With a pimp cane...And sunglasses". Yeah.

England+Canada - 'Any kind of fluff'

Apathy makes Matthew a sad polar bear; so go vote, fellow Canadians /o/

A wonderful writer wrote a ficlet based on this after it got sent as a prompt to her Tumbr. Go read it, it's adorable.

Is it bad that there's an entire series for this planned? For the cat lovers: What breed do you think Cat!Austria would be? AFAIK there aren't any from Austria, yet his dialogue in the comic suggests he's purebred rather than mixed.

The colour palette ended up looking like something more suited for afternoon instead of morning, but oh well. It's been cold enough lately here anyway. I probably should stick to painterly styles; the unshaded version was better imo OTL Lord knows how I hate laying down flats and inking.

Crit welcome as usual!


Entirely optional, but would be much appreciated if you have the time. Honesty is welcomed, but just try to be specific about it. Here's my DA if you need more examples.

1. Do I have a distinct style of drawing?
2. If so, what exactly is it that defines my "style"?
3. Would you say my art usually follows a 'theme'?
4. Is there anything I really need to improve on or change?
5. Does my style (if I have one) remind you of/look like the style of anyone else?
6. Judging from whatever art of mine that you've seen, what do you think I do the best at?
7. What do you think I should try out? (Art related only please, no fandom or pairing recs please^^;;)
Tags: -canada, -england, -spain, fan: art

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