reddfawks (reddfawks) wrote in hetalia,

Hetalia Chibis Dump + help & suggestions

So with Anime North forthcoming, I've been burning the midnight oil and creating a ton of Hetalia Chibis for buttons.

I've got 21 finished, plus Ukraine, Netherlands, Lithuania, Egypt, and Rome coming up.

Title: Hetalia Chibi Dump
Author/Artist: Reddfawks (a.k.a. Red Paw Designs)
Characters or pairings: *Deep breath* America, Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy (Veneziano), Japan, Norway, Poland, Prussia, Italy (Romano), Russia, Sealand, Spain, and Switzerland
Rating: G
Warnings: Image heavy, some mild cartoon violence
Summary: Chibis. Of Hetalia characters. In a biiiiig art dump.

So here comes the chibidump! Prepare for a lot of scrolling down.

Now, for the "help" part. This set is obviously unfinished due to the fact that I'm having trouble drawing certain characters (i.e, Sweden, Turkey, HRE's hat, etc) can't think of any good ideas, or I'm just unsure how well they'd sell.

So if anyone has any tips for drawing certain characters, or any other nation you'd like to see, I'd love you for it~!
Tags: =group: all nations, fan: art

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