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[fanart] Huuuge Fanart dump

Title: No title
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): almost every character
Rating: PG-13 (sorry if it's wrong I have no idea about this ratings)
Warnings: Almost naked guys (with censor though)

Hello you guys, it's been a looong time. About a year ago I regulary posted my art here. I got away from Hetalia now, and this here will be my one and only post. I just wanted to share my old Hetalia art one last time! Because when I was bored, I found my old art on my pc and uploaded it to an plz-account I made on deviantart when I was still into hetalia! I really hope it's okay, please don't hit me! *whimper*

Here are some samples of my art!

For more go to this account or eventually my main account

I also made a .zip package of every little hetalia art piece I did. If you're interested,
download here: [megaupload]

deviantart sitback lol idk

maybe some of you remember this? lol

Thanks for reading! ♥

Tags: -austria, -germany, -italy north (veneziano), fan: art, x do not use this tag - download, x do not use this tag - uk

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