celadonite (celadonite) wrote in hetalia,

[fanart] Augers, Boots, and Carpenters

Author/Artist: Yours truly
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland/Sweden
Rating: PG-15-ish? Technically it's worksafe, yet it's pretty easy to see how things are going NSFW rather quickly.
Warnings: Military kink, power play, compromising positions
Summary: Commission for the winning bid for the Help Japan auction, the request being a continuation of that boots series with Finland dominating Sweden.
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So Tom of Finland dropped by and said, "Good day kind sirs, mind if I join you?" Don't Google him at work or school. Or, in my friend's case, while eating or drinking.

Drawing belts and buckles reminds me of Guilty Gear.

Larger version on DA.

Unused sketch:

Insert IKEA jokes here.
edit: Dammit Sweden, how many times do I have to edit you?

As usual, concrit's welcome!
Tags: -finland, -sweden, fan: art

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