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[Fanfic] I'll Never Leave You (Epilogue/Part 3/3)

Title: I’ll Never Leave You (Epilogue Part 3/3)
Author/Artist: MJtehMickster
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Poland (Feliks), Lithuania (Toris), Russia (Ivan)
Rating: PG (for Violence and a few bad words)
Warnings: Written in first person. Human names used.
Summary: Toris has declared his independence from Russia, but Ivan is having none of it. With Ivan pressing the attack, will Toris cave in and return to his control, or will an old friend come to the rescue?

The first chapter on LJ

The second chapter on LJ

The Epilogue on LJ

Alternatively, follow/read the story here on ffnet

Please comment/review! I’d love to get some awesome feedback before I start a new story!
Tags: -lithuania, -poland, fan: fic

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