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Papercraft Show?

Hey. I'm Liz (: I'm kinda new here, so let me know if this might sound weird.

since I hear a lot of Hetalia fans are here on Livejournal, and a lot of papercrafts started here... I was wondering. I make a lot of papercrafts, especially on the weekends. And a lot of papercrafts have some complicated stuff that I often wonder what to do with. I was thinking about every friday, I would do some type of livestream kind of explaining a papercraft or two and doing it. Would you guys here on Livejournal watch that? I really wanna do it. There are a ton of fun papercrafts out there and some of them are really confusing. If you guys WANT, you can tell me which papercrafts you would like to see? I don't care where they are from; dA, here, anywhere is fine. As long as I have the link and am able to print it.

Thank you very much, and please have a nice day and weekend (:

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