Kichou-chan (kichou_chan) wrote in hetalia,

[Question] RevolutionaryWar!England Cosplay

Hello, I'm quite new to LJ and I hope, I'm doing this right. ^^;

I am planning on doing RevolutionaryWar!England for a con. I was wondering what kind of materials for the fabric can be used? How about those lines thingy [I don't know what they're called .. ] on the sleeves and linings? Also, I saw that they were white, but I also saw a costume with gold lines.  I'm also want to hear some details [i.e. buttons, etc, etc. ] on the costume since I want the costume to be really nice. To those who have cosplayed RevolutionaryWar!England, how did you make your costumes?

Also, I have finished my England cosplay , yet the only thing that is inaccurate is his chest-belt thingy. Where can I find those?

Help me, I'm kinda confused. X_X And pardon my English. *is not from the US*

Thank you very much for your help!!

Tags: -england, community: q&a, fan: cosplay

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