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[Selling] Prussia One Coin Figure

Quick Prussia OCF auction.

Winner is k3llyb3an!
Thanks, everyone for participating!

We had someone default on their hold for this Prussia OCF, so why not have an auction?
The figure will be sent with flattened box to the winner of this auction.

Bidding starts at: $10

The Auction will end on May 27th at 10:00pm (22:00) CST.

Accepted Payment through PayPal ONLY.
Payment should be sent by Monday (30th).

How to bid.

Bids should be posted in a reply to this journal entry.
You set your own bid increments.
Do not list your Max Bid. We will not keep track of this for you.

Winning bid does not include the cost of shipping. You may request a shipping estimate through private message.

Shipping Info

The box will be shipped from Texas, USA.

Shipping Cost
First Class Mail is $1.71 within the US.
International, please inquire by PM.

If you're interested in other items, we also sell other OCFs, Movic plushes and more at our selling journal.
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