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St. Talia Mental Ward (RP)

Welcome to St. Talia!
We offer psychiatric help to Nations with conditions.

By day St. Talia is a calm, clean mental ward.
We have friendly Doctors, doting care-takers and activities for everyone!
But not all is well in St. Talia...
By night, the Doctors turn into mad scientists with the urge to kill patients, the Care-Takers turn into assistants and the patients are let loose. The corpses from the basement come to life, drastically mutated from the Care-Takers and Nurses expirimenting on them and sewing them up.
By morning, everything is back to normal, and not a drop of blood is found!
"This wall.." a girl mumbled to herself, remembering all the nights she saw the same wall covered with entrails, blood and disfigured people.
"Well, if it isn't my favorite ex-patient. How have you been?" Doctor New Zealand asked with a laid-back epression on her face. The girl looked at Doctor New Zealand hard. She remembered when the Doctor's face wasn't calm, those dark nights in the mental ward.
"Doctor," the girl said not taking her hand off of the wall. "Do you remember what happens here?"
"Remember what, Ex-patient?" Doctor New Zealand said with a smile. "The corpses coming to life? That urge to have my patient's blood on my hands? My assistant handing me a tranquilizer gun? Or the fact that by day, everything is okay?" The girl stayed quiet. She expected the Doctor to deny everything.
"Frightening things happen here, Ex-patient. Frightening things..."

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