sora_mystearica (sora_mystearica) wrote in hetalia,

Nyotalia Axis coloring +icons

Title: Kawaii
Author/Artist: Hidekaz Himaruya.coloring by me
Character(s) or Pairing(s):Japan,Italy,Germany
Rating: C for cuteness ,3
Warnings: none
Summary: it's been a while since i posted something~

Hello everyone^__^.I haven't posted in a while~
I've started my final high school exams and I have a little break now(I have other exams all month, and I also have a home tutor now for history
because I fail so hard at it and the exam for it scares me the most V_V )
My next exam is friday so i took advantage to relax after i was so nervous 2 days ago from the first one.
Hope you like the coloring~Nyotalia America,Igiko and others will come whenever I have time :)
I also made a couple of icons,though i'm noy sure they are so great.

I like how Japan turned out ^_^.Italy too while Germany..well maybe it's because i'm not good at shadows and highlights.I just randomly smudge in Photoshop xD )

Credit would be nice if you want to use the colored picture:)

One more thing~I'm wondering if someone translated the coloring tutorial from the Arte Stella book.I'm really curious how Himaruya sensei colors because I really love his style.I want to know a bit about his methods because i was only able to imitate him a little by experimenting a lot.
Thanks in advance~
Tags: -germany, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, =group: axis powers, fan: coloring, fan: icons

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