creation48 (creation48) wrote in hetalia,

( Selling) Germancest (raw) doujins

5 euros each ( + shipping + paypal fee)

I really need the money and I believe that 5 euros is not much.

( List in order as per the pictures)

* Fanbook # 10 ( R-18, Ger/pru, very graphic- 20 pages)
Spooky (R-18, Ger/Pru- bondage- very graphic- 19 pages)s)
Fanbook by Noul and Mugi and Taro- pg- various characters, maily Pru/Ger 32 pages)
Fanbook#06 by Skull 9 ( R-18, Ger/pru, very graphic- 12 pages)
Life is beautiful ( R-18 GermanyxPrussia-12 pages)
Carameliser 1/2 ( R-18 PrussiaxGermany-17 pages)
Winter fizzcode ( fanbook vol 07) ( PG- Ger/pru- non graphic- Anthology- 35 pages)
Lovesing Machine ( Fanbook#04) ( Prussia come out of a computer and is a lovesing machine. Ger/Pru, AU, PG +, 25 pages)
Debris field ( R-18, GerxPru, very graphic- 22 pages)
Fanbook #08 ( R-18, GerxPru, very graphic - 18 pages)
*Fanbook #07 ( r-18, Mainly Prussia - Masturbation-8 page
* Which do you select? ( PG- Ger/Pru- 15 pages)
* Ich merkte ( R-18, Ger/Pru, Ger/Ita, not very graphic, 22 pages)
* Mousou dive ( R-18, Maid outfits, Prussia is seme, Pru/Ger,  very graphic- 20 pages)
* Schmusemisik ( R-18, Pru/Ger and Ger/pru-16 pages )
All have been kept in very good condition!  I have to sell them to pay for next year school. 

Payment accepted: Paypal. ( 1 euro fee except if you pay the fee yourself)
Shipping: Worldwide.
Shipping from: Belgium
First arrived, first served!
Tags: ad: sales, doujinshi: raw

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