Megumi (megumikumosukai) wrote in hetalia,

[AD] Hetalia In The World Gen. 2

Lovimod from Hetalia In The World, posting because we need new members!

Our group runs almost entirely on Plurk, a microblogging website almost like Twitter that makes roleplaying and keeping roleplays in order very easy. We also have a Livejournal community for applications, our character list, and important community notifications.

Our roleplaying runs on a theme basis, and every month we have two new themes to work with. On top of that, AU roleplays are allowed at any time as well. This month's themes are Roarin' 20's and Angels and Demons, descriptions of which can be found here.

Some characters that our members have requested!

France, by multiple people. According to our Austria, we need more classy bitches.
Netherlands and Belgium! We need a complete tomato family, and Lovimuse wants a Sorella! ;v; Nethmano would be nice too
Asians. We need them desperately.
Nordics as well, it seems the spots are cursed with how quickly they empty.
And there's more empty spots, too! The character list can be found here, and the applications page is here! We hope to see you soon!
Tags: -belgium, -china, -france, -hong kong, -netherlands, -norway, -sweden, -vietnam, =group: all nations, ad: roleplay

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