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MY LITTLE BLUE BIRD -brand new literate hetalia RPG

Keeping secrets seems to be the least of everyone's concerns lately, because the world seems to be falling into chaos. Many countries are on the verge of war. Tensions are growing higher and higher as citizens are beginning to feel the threat of another World War as the possibility looms over their heads. Most of all, these failing world relations were putting a strain on the nations' personifications' health.

But what no one was aware of was just how much more far-reaching the effects of this potentially disastrous situation were. It changed something in the world's balance, in the lives of the nations themselves, and unlocked a secret that even they had no hints or clue of.

There were others like them out there. Though not quite human or nation, they were their counterparts, like an exact copy of them except of a different sex. This made no sense in the minds of the nations…

The biggest secret of them all was that these people had always there, waiting in the backdrop of time and history, since the birth of the nations, for the perfect time to intervene.

We have let you create many disasters before, but this time is taking the risk too far…

As the world edges closer and closer to the final disaster to end it all and these counterparts continue showing up, fights will break out, economies will fall, and nobody can promise a peaceful end to this disorder. Now that the counterparts are here, tensions are rising higher and higher. All who get involved in this conflict between countries are guaranteed war.

Though all that's left is an ending, one person cannot write a countries end, are you ready to write a new chapter to the history book?

Counterpart or Country? How will you end this?

That is your choice to make…


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