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[FANART] Art Dump 4 - Sketches of silliness and historical people

Hi everyone! Here be a sketch dump! I don't usually draw sketches until I got a tumblr, and now I'm tempted to just use up all my silly, random ideas that otherwise would take too long to colour there. They have now made their way back to LJ, hope you guys will enjoy these!

Title: Art Dump 4
Artist: ctcsherry 
Character(s) or Pairings(s):
 New Zealand, Canada, Australia, America, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, China, Egypt, England, Russia, Rome, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Prussia, Greece, Mongolia, Turkey
Rating: G
Warnings: None other than image heavy, 27 images altogether
Description: Fanarts that are sketchs <--lol 

First up, random silly sketches that are often based on ideas that come and go really quickly.

Nobody will ever know New Zealand's gender.

I love liquor and cocktails in general. Bloody Caesar however an acquired taste.

Self explanatory. I love these two. A lot.

This is not meant to offend anyone in anyway, actually I'm poking fun at myself a little bit here too. 

Amazing Race parody. This happened to me so many times I can't even.

More AusNZ. I'm not even entirely sure if I'm out of the AusNZ love just Aussie friend told me in order to draw authentic Australia and New Zealand, I need to draw them in Blunnies (Blundstone shoes). So I did. I also have a special love for backpacks.

One thing I absolutely love about this part of the world is how Polynesian islands are connected together in a distant, mystical origin, despite being separated by the Pacific Ocean. Coming from Taiwan and being familiar with Taiwan's aboriginal tribes, it warms my heart to find the many cultural similarities when I look at the Maori. 

This is one trouble I always have when drawing Netherlands in a historical setting - he does not look good in anything. It's probably why Himaruya draws him in such modern clothing even though it was supposed to be half a millennium ago...

Speaking of Netherlands, here's Canada's secret capital's annual Tulip Festival!

More Australia jokes. I actually only recently learned about "Manly" from the Amazing Race.

This sketch is inpired by Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, Australia episode. Gourmet dining in rural area of Melbourne~this dish looked really pretty and delicious!

Another NZ sketch! Kakapos are so cute and so fat.

Hockey talk! This was drawn when the Vancouver Canucks qualified for the Stanley Cup Finals this year. The results of this year's Stanley Cup...well you know. /wipe tears. Regardless, the Canucks will forever be my one and only team because I fell in love with them in 94 and will not change.
Assuming if Canada ages like a human, hockey has corrupted his cute little soul. The two spandex guys beside him are the "green men", which you can look up on google if you're interested.


The second set of sketches are a series of drawing inspired by Firaxis' newly released "Civilization V". Even though not entirely accurate, they have all the civilization leaders speak in their own language. The lighting and animation of each leader's scene is quite beautiful as well, so I was inspired to draw all the leaders with canon Hetalia characters. I included each leader's unique ability in the game as well, because they're so adorably named. (pls note that they're not necessarily associated with said historical figure, sometimes just the civilization)

Oh great Himaruya, will you build a fandom that will stand the test of time?

Isabella I of Castile (Seven Cities of Gold)

Wu Zetian (Art of War)

Ramkhamhaeng (Father Governs Children)

Ramesses II (Monument Builders)

Elizabeth I (Sun Never Sets)

Catherine II (Siberian Riches)

Augustus (The Glory of Rome)

Harald Bluetooth (Viking Fury)

George Washington (Manifest Destiny)

Oda Nobunaga (Bushido)

Otto von Bismarck (Furor Teutonicus)

Alexander the Great (Hellenic League)

Genghis Khan (Mongol Terror)

Suleiman I (Barbary Corsairs)

That's it for now! Thank you for looking!
Tags: -america, -ancient rome, -australia, -belgium, -canada, -china, -denmark, -egypt, -england, -germany, -greece, -italy north (veneziano), -japan, -mongolia, -netherlands, -new zealand, -norway, -prussia, -russia, -spain, -taiwan, -thailand, -turkey, fan: art

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