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Scanlations Claim List

Considering the other one seems to have fallen out of use, I thought it might be a good idea to start up a new one to keep track of all the new Volume 4 Volume 5 comics and other stuff. (Old Post Here)

Quoting from last post:

Due to the rising number of members and able-bodied people who can scanlate, it has been brought to my attention that we would probably need a check sheet of who is doing what so that scanlations will be more efficient and there will be less bumps of "I am doing the same project, oops" incidents.

If you are a scanlator, or are working on a scanlation, please post here with

-your username
-the strip you are currently working on
-the strip you will "claim" to translate
-the link to the strip in question

If in the event that you are dropping out of a claim to a strip, please also inform the other scanlators so that the scanlation can be made.

Please check the "scanlation" tag to see which strips have already been scanlated.

Current Claim List
(I'll update this at least once a day, keep in mind I do have a day job)

No content claimed at the moment

jammerlea and pbjsammich are also offering their services in typesetting (see comment)

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