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[Fanfic] Various FRUK Vignettes

Title: Before the Battle
Author: evokers
Pairing: France/England
Word Count: 1,619
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, war wounds and inflictions, language.
Summary/Notes: Somewhere, a clock ticks a solemn countdown to the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. England, meanwhile, focuses his attention on poetry. World War 1 fic.

("Then England breathed and the air turned to white dust and the candles guttered and gargled, their flames reflected in his weary eyes.")

Title: Bathwater
Author: evokers
Pairing: France/England
Word Count; 266
Rating/Warnings: PG, suggestive content.
Summary/Notes: England takes a bath with Portugal, but thinks about France.

("Sunscreen and bergamot and bathwater. ")

Title: The Bet
Author: evokers
Pairing: France/England, Platonic France/Seychelles
Word Count; 228
Rating/Warnings: PG.
Summary/Notes: Seychelles bets Francis he cannot go a day without flirting.

("I bet you all the fish in my sea that you can't go an entire day without making any romantic advances on anyone or anything. ")
Tags: -england, -france, -seychelles, fan: fic

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