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(Scanlation) Hetalia Volume 4 Special Edition - Bonus Strip (A History of Interesting Clothes)

Or Polish ninjas!

Thank you, wafflesama  and jammerlea  for uploading the scans!

I think those ancient Minoan women's outfits need to go back in st- *shot*

Oh, and one really long note. Hungary called Ukraine 'Uku-san' in the Japanese text. I can't leave it as 'Uku' or 'Ukr or Ukra' because the former is Hawaiian for head lice and the latter two sound really awkward to me and the latter of the two reminds me of okra. I decided to go look for the Hungarian name for Ukraine but the results turned out the same.

I decided to go with Raine since it sounds more natural and sounds like a nick name (just get rid of the 'u' and the 'k' in Ukraine and voila!).

Do note, however, that Raine is in no way Ukraine's real human name and it's just the way I decided to translate Hungary's nickname for her instead of using the really out of place, to me in English, Uku-san and its alternatives. Raine is in no way endorsed by Hima-papa. My apologies for any confusion or anger I may cause.

Tags: -germany, -hungary, -italy north (veneziano), -liechtenstein, -ukraine, official: scanlation

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