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Searching for Two Certain Fics

I love returning to a fandom I lurked after forgetting all my favorite fics and fanart from that fandom... :D

All rightiesss, so I'm calling upon the LJ comm to help me in my little search of a certain fic I cannot remember the name of. It was an AU, comedic chapter fic, mostly FrUk (some other ships were in it, as well) in which England is the director for a play and a bunch of other characters are the actors, help set up the stage, annoy him, etc. The chapters were split up into sections to show what different characters were doing. I just remember bits and pieces of it, but there was Hungary, Prussia, and Sealand, who were playing a card game in the first chapter when they're first introduced. I think Prussia was getting really mad at Sealand for winning so much and needing to pay him out. Whenever Prussia and Sealand come up, they play tricks and get pissed off at each other, stuff like that. There was also America, who meets Russia in some of the last chapters. Russia is poor (?) and is doing something (selling things?) on the street and they argue back and forth. In the last chapter though, America ends up being nice to him for once and makes plans with Russia. The author also mentioned something about this being his/her first chapter fic and knew that his/her friend wanted something deeper but wrote a comedy piece instead. 

a;dsfjliase I know that's not much to go off of, but I've been looking for this fic for a while and can't remember the name at all. D: If any of this rings a bell though, helping me find this would be great. :D

There's also a second one that I remember, one where England and Prussia switch bodies and Prussia decides to do whatever because yay he's a nation again! He also meets Sealand, who England takes care of, and they end up really liking each other. There's a part in the story where Prussia (in England's body) has to go to a UN meeting and just decides to be rotten to everyone and throw out insults here and there to try to emulate England's personality. Meanwhile, England is stressing over getting back into his own body and meets Germany, who thinks Prussia's gone mad. One day, England (in Prussia's body) decides to cook for Germany as an apology for how he's been acting and realizes how badly he really cooks when he tastes the food in Prussia's body. This one wasn't finished when I was reading it, but it might be by now, so I don't know the rest of the story. 

If anyone could help me find any of these two fics, that would be absolutely AMAZING. 
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