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The Zodiac School [RP AD]

A Hetalia Literate RP, for all you who love Were-wolves and other such magical creatures, come take a look!


A place where all mythical creatures live in harmony. A place where they can learn to control their powers. A place where they can learn how to co-exist. A place where they learn to socialise.

This is The Zodiac School.

Students and Staff of all type, come to this school. You can pass on your knowledge, if you are a teacher. If you’re a student, you can gain knowledge. Considered the best school for magical beings everywhere, which is why we want you to come and join in!

Lessons, other than the basic English, Maths, Science, Art, Geography, etc. etc. etc. consist of learning to fly, spells everyone can do, and then the separate categories of Vampire lessons, Nymph lessons, fairy lessons, etcetera.
Anyone can join in, anyone can be anything!

Our Prussia position opened up! If anyone is interested in completing the bad touch trio! Also- please please, oh god, please, can we have some teachers? We have a severe lack of them right now and it'd be very useful if we could get some to even it out!

Also, the forum is sort-of-dying-but-not-quite, so I'm asking people if they'll be kind enough to join and be active and get this place running again! Thank you so much! (Even if you don't join, thanks for taking the time to read! ;u;)

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