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[Fanfic] Unwound Kingdom -Prologue-

Title: Unwound Kingdom
Author/Artist: thenati 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): In this prologue: Natalia, Ludwig (mentioned: Gilbert, Stefan [alias Germania]) [Future mainpairing: Ludwig/Natalia]
Rating: T
Warnings: Human names (is that a warming?) Remember. This is an AU-Fanfic. They are humans instead of Nations.
Summary: The Ice Kingdom of Russia was attacked and forced Princess Natalia to flee from the attack, leaving her home and family behind. As she was about to die in the snow, she was saved by a former soldier named Ludwig. Together with his older brother Gilbert, they travel through the countryside to escape the enemies of the Ice Kingdom and to bring back the Princess once everything calms down.



Prologue: Guardian Angel


It was a bright day in this cold Kingdom of hers. Even if the clouds were covering the sky, the sun was shining through the thin blanket of gray clouds. There was no wind at the moment, so the cold air just floated around.

It almost seemed surreal, all of this silence... As if there never was a living creature to touch this frozen ground. This whole world seemed to have been made out of pure ice.
Ice... Was that on what she was laying on right now? The young woman couldn't tell... Every thing felt the same. It wasn't cold, she wasn't feeling warm, her temperature had already almost matched the ground. It was impossible for her to move. She couldn't even tell if one of her limbs was moving anyway... Her body was numb, there had been pain before, but now, there was nothing. No wound was burning on her skin anymore, no bruise stung fiercely anymore.

The young woman just couldn't comprehend this feeling of numbness as she was covered in this world of gray and white. Consumed by nothing, made her forget time. Then the world turned blue and black, obviously it had become night now. It was a miracle that she was still alive even after all this time.


Suddenly, there were crunches of another living creature. Her ears must trick her, no one would possibly take a walk through the heartless winter desert. It was either a lost soul or one of the soldiers who had attacked the Crystal Castle. She would have killed herself anyway if she had been able to move now. What else was there to live for?, she asked herself bitterly. Neither me nor another person will kill me before this numbness will. I'm destined to suffer until this hell will consume my cursed soul. There was nothing else to live for, every thing was gone after all.

Now even her eyes tricked her as she was able to look up for some reason. A tall, dark silhouette, it seemed to give some kind of... Aura. Of light or hope, perhaps. Maybe it would finally bring her death instead of Mother Nature. Bring her peace, let her forget the pain she was feeling. Her eyes couldn't really focus, but there were these piercing blue eyes, looking into her own. This person was saying something, alarm in this voice. However, she couldn't respond or even give any sign that she was still alive. Her awareness dropped now all of a sudden, she hadn't been sleeping all this time.

Perhaps, this was the Guardian Angel she had hoped for who would save her, bring her death she had longed for in this moment.


Yet, it was no Angel nor any mystical creature who had carefully picked her off the ground. It was an ordinary human with no magical skills whatsoever. A young man, to be exact, a former soldier. But not of her enemy Kingdom. His actual problem was to find his older brother, however, he didn't see any living person around the area. Except for this exhausted woman in his arms. She was cold, not even shivering anymore. A horribly bad sign. There was still a pulse though, a very weak one, too. She was breathing as well, but he had to act fast or she wouldn't make it. He frowned and sighed, the white breath escaped his dry mouth and disappeared as soon as it came. The cold air hurt in his throat as he kept breathing heavily. Tiny snowflakes melted on his skin, leaving icy drops behind, rolling down the warm surface. He looked up. It slowly began to snow, as if someone was shaking the dark blue blanket of the sky. The wind was barely present though. When the cold crept up his legs, he started to run. That was easier said then done, since this mass of snow on the ground was hard to vanquish. What was she doing here in the first place?, he asked himself as he pulled her closer to him in order to not let her slip out of his arms. All these wounds and bruises, who did this to her? The dress of her was ripped, soiled with dirt and blood. She was also wearing a scarf that didn't match at all to the rest of her clothing, yet, it looked familiar to him.


His own tiredness didn't let him remember though, so he just shook his head and continued to run, while his throat was now burning from all the wheezing. The young woman was barely breathing, so he didn't even think about slowing down. Even if his body was giving signs to stop already, his will kept leading it towards home. The soldier was stubborn after all.

But what about his brother? He hadn't found him, yet. Maybe he was already at home? But the younger sibling was convinced that his brother was strong and tough enough to make it on his own. Unlike this stranger in his arms who could be dead in any second. It didn't matter to him who she was or where she came from, she just shouldn't die in his arms, he wouldn't allow this to happen.

Another short glance to her scarf. There was something about it, but it wouldn't occur to his mind what it was. It was probably not important, surely not more important than her life! His legs felt stiff, but the snow desert was already behind him. He could already see his house in the distance.


No, the young man didn't slow down as he came closer to the house. Light came out of only one window. It was his father's room on the first floor. There was already the shadow of his father seen on the glass. He'd look down to him with his icy glare, the son knew, but there would also be surprise gently glimmering in the dark blue eyes. He wouldn't ask though, only watching the younger one act. So would the son ignore him as well and care for this woman.


Tags: -belarus, -germania, -germany, -prussia, fan: fic

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