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[Selling] 13 USxUK doujins!


I have 13 USxUK Hetalia doujins for sale. 
Circles:  Unico, Shiki, 316, Otituke!, 103, Rainy, HAKKA PINK,  Dragon Rider, 紅零, etc.

Prices are reduced! Newly-added ones included!
Please take a look if you are interested!

Doujin order in other bookstores/websites, please visit


Below they are:

Title: Mr. Jones  (R-18)
Circle / Artist: Uniclo / Jack
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 28
Price:  USD10  USD9

Title: JOKER (+Convention-only Novelty)
Circle / Artist: 316/Usami, Shiki/Iroha, Chimi, Nanoka Kashinogi
Pairing: USxUK + Japan
Pages: 52
Price:  USD22   USD18

Doujin Set by 103
Circle / Artist: 103 / Tanimura Kaori
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 16

2. Title: Kramer vs Kramer
Circle / Artist: 103 / Tanimura Kaori
Pairing: UK+US+France+Canada
Pages: 12
Set Price: USD15

Title: YOUR LIFE  (R-18)
Circle / Artist: Otituke! / Nira
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 104
Price:  USD30 

Title: Le Petit Prince
Circle / Artist: Rainy / Amemori Gigi
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 20
Price: USD6

Title: ばらの花 2 (The Rose Second Volume: Ophelia)
Circle / Artist: Rainy / Amemori Gigi
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 68
Price: USD26

Title: ばらの花 3 (The Rose Third Volume: Thorn of Death)
Circle / Artist: Rainy / Amemori Gigi
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 84
Price: USD29

Title: HAKKA PINK #21 いぎりすうさぎ ちいさなおとうと。2 (Arthurrabbit and Little Brother2)Circle/Artist: HAKKA PINK / 阿倍野ちゃこ
Pairings: US x UK
Pages: 24
Price: USD13

Doujin Set by 紅零
1. Title: LOVE MAGIC
Circle / Artist: 紅零 
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 20
Size: A5
Language: Chinese

2. Title: THE JAIL: Prison Break
Circle / Artist: 紅零 
Pairing: UK-centered
Pages: 12
Size: A5
Language: Chinese
Set Price: USD20

Title: My Firearm is My Friend  (R-18)
Circle / Artist: Dragon Rider / Goro
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 42
Price: USD20

Title: First Love of Second - Extra -

Circle / Artist: Dragon Rider / Goro
Pairing: USxUK
Pages: 16
Price: USD5

** If you buy both books from Dragon Rider, a free gift set (a cardboard+a postcard+a paper bag) will be attachedd.

Payment mainly by Paypal.

Total Cost = Price of item + Shipping fee + Paypal transaction fee (5%of total cost)

*If 5%of total cost is less than USD2, I would take Paypal fee as USD2.

I send the items from Asia, usually by registered airmail as small packet (below 2kg) or parcel (2kg or above) unless otherwise requested. Please let me know your location so that I can quote the exact shipping to you. I can combine shipping if you buy more than one item.

Starting from October 20, 2010, I have standardized the packaging: doujins will be put into a plastic wrap, and each package will include one piece of thick cardboard and one piece of bubble wrap ,and the words "Don't Fold!" will be written on the envelope (which should give enough protection under normal circumstances).

If you want extra protection for the package, please let me know before shipping quote. Or otherwise I am sorry to say I would not be responsible for any damages during shipping.

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions! Thanks!
if more than one person are interested in the same item, it will be sold to the first one who confirms purchase (not only asking for a shipping quote).

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