PSanon (psanon) wrote in hetalia,

[Auction] RARE Hetalia Paint it White! Tumbler/Travel Mug

[Rare] Hetalia Limited Ed. Paint it White
Tumbler/Travel Mug!
Hi guys, I've finally decided to get rid of a few of my event, lottery and maybe some harder to find Hetalia items, some will be done through auctions to give everyone a go at trying to get them :)

Right now I only have the Paint it White Tumbler/Travel Mug up for auction, but I might consider putting a few more items up earlier depending on busy I get with school "orz
[Otherwise, auctions will be held one after another, aka when one ends another begins]

The auction is being held on my sales com [More information about the item can also be found on the auction post]:

Thank you for taking a look :)
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