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It has done me good, because of the wheat fields. {ukjapan}

Nature the Zafara here, up again to post another work~! *salutes*

Title: The Color of the Wheat Fields
Author: naturethezafara  | Me
Characters/Pairing: UK x Japan, a mention of Scotland and China
Rating: It's safe, I guess
Warnings: Fail, fail, faiiiil. Sappiness, OOC and references to The Little Prince abound.
Summary: Kiku realizes how it feels to be 'tamed' by the one he loves. Canon-verse.

Oh, and I forgot to add in the Notes: Scott (Scott Kirkland) = Scotland (Arthur's older brother in my headcanon)

"Ah, I shall cry."

Please do tell me what you think! E-even though the fic is a fail . . . OTL
Tags: -england, -japan, fan: fic

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