Vash Zwingli (vashz) wrote in hetalia,
Vash Zwingli

[RP] Harry Potter AU

APHP [A Harry Potter Hetalia crossover]

Welcome to Hogwarts University.

A fresh, literate crossover roleplay between Hetalia and Harry Potter, with a tiny twist:

Situated at Hogwarts University rather than the secondary school, the characters are generally 18 and older.

Already past the elementary/high school levels of education, the university offers the benefits of Hogwarts with fewer rules, such as no curfews. You may choose your classes depending on your plans for the future; what will your character be?

We’d also like to inform that we do keep the separate houses, and along with them, we have a house points system (with surprise events for the winners!), and we even hold Quidditch matches once in a while.

Oh, and we also take teachers!

Rules~ Setting ~ Character List ~ Application form

We’re currently in need of Canada, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, New Zealand, and many others!

Tags: ad: roleplay

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