Kyoko Fujimiya (kyoko215) wrote in hetalia,
Kyoko Fujimiya

Contacting Gentosha Comics

Please let me know if this isn't allowed.

In regards to the Stu Levy/ Possible Tokyopop release of Hetalia volume 3 in the U.S.:

Whether or not you love the idea or hate it (I know my emotions are conflicted on the matter), I feel that Gentosha, the company publishing Hetalia, should hear your voice.

If you want to contact the company and give them your opinion on the possibility of Stu/Tokyopop releasing a limited run of volume 3 and/or 4, here is the email address off their website:

Stu is very good at making things sound good for him (1k "likes" on a FB that has 83k followers isn't really a lot), but I think if enough people contact the publisher directly, they'll know what the US fans really think.

So share your thoughts! ♥

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