goldenrodfairy (surprisebuttsex) wrote in hetalia,

Selling: Baby America and Austrian Succession Prussia

Hello again!

Thank you to everyone who looked at my Tik Tok America cosplay! There were some shenannigans with the selling, but it will soon be in a new and loving home.

I am selling another one of my Hetalia cosplays, and advertising for my girlfriend's cosplay as well.

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Baby! America:
Info on size is in the listing there. If you don't have a account, you can comment here if you'd like to buy it!

Asking price: $75

War of Austrian Succession! Prussia:
Picture here!
Chest: 34"
Waist: 25"
Height of wearer: 5'1"

Includes: Mid calf length coat (fully lined), white pants, white shirt, brown vest with rose buttons, cravat with cross, white and gold sash, and a tricorn hat (not pictured).

It's a custom made costume, and it's all fully lined and honestly quite lovely. Only worn twice.

Asking price: $200 (somewhat negotiable)

Comment if you're interested! Thank you!
Tags: -america, -prussia, ad: sales, fan: cosplay

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