pinup_pineapple (pinup_pineapple) wrote in hetalia,

PocahontUSA [5-7/7] & Germania Mania [6/?] [FIC]

A two-for-one deal!

Title: PocahontUSA
Author/Artist: ayumipants/pinup_pineapple
Character(s): America, England, Russia, N. Italy, Grandpa Rome, Canada, the Nordics, Latvia, Cuba, Prussia, Spain, France, and pretty much everyone else.
Pairing(s): A bit of America/England, but 'tis all in jest.
Rating: Somewhere between M and T. T+. Or M-.
Warnings: Excessive use of the word "bro" by America. Also, if you are easily offended, you probably don't want to read this.
Summary: In a land where natives run free, England and his eyebrows are off to tame them. That is, until a young native boy tames his heart. A parody of the Disney movie, "Pocahontas," with an added bonus of song parodies!

("I feel its throbbing manhood every night, dammit.")

(Start at Chapter 1?)

Title: Germania Mania!
Author/Artist: ayumipants/pinup_pineapple
Character(s): Literally everyone. But mostly Germania.
Pairing(s): Germania x Everyone.
Rating: T
Warnings: Germania has many lovers. Also swear words.
Summary: Germania has obviously not been appreciated enough by the pairing system present within the fandom. Therefore, this fanfic is composed of oneshots, each featuring Germania and his love affair with some beauty of a country. Every country is accounted for!

("Polar bears are the manliest of bears!" said Germania. )

(Start at Chapter 1?)
Tags: -america, -canada, -cuba, -denmark, -egypt, -england, -finland, -france, -germania, -germany, -greece, -holy roman empire, -hong kong, -hungary, -iceland, -italy north (veneziano), -italy south (romano), -japan, -kenya, -latvia, -liechtenstein, -prussia, -russia, -spain, -sweden, -uganda, =group: all nations, fan: fic

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