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Plurktalia AD

Hello there.

As you can probably guess, Plurktalia is a Hetalia roleplay on Plurk.

Plurk is a social network and it's fairly easy to use even if you aren't familiar with it.

There are many characters still available and some characters might become availabe in the future due to inactivity.

For example, Russia and Ukraine are available... and so are all of the Baltics... and N. Italy and China are as well. You can see all available characters and make reservations here: http://plurktalia.livejournal.com/828.html?page=2#comments

And applications there ---> http://plurktalia.livejournal.com/1063.html

As for what we roleplay... Yes, the topics and genres vary quite a bit. There are some very cracky rps among us and then there are some very serious ones.
(And when I say cracky, I mean VERY cracky.)

Lately things have been a little dead in our roleplay but I personally hope things will spice up with some new roleplayers. ;3

You're welcome to come and roleplay with us <3 As cliché as it sounds, I think our group is very nice (if not a bit crazy at times) and we'd all be glad to roleplay with you.

As for Plurktalia's rules, you may check them here: http://plurktalia.livejournal.com/735.html
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