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[Fanfic] Suum Cuique

Title: Suum Cuique
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Suggestive themes, foul language, character death
Characters/Pairings: Prussia-centric, with cameos from the rest of the Germanic nations, North Italy, and some mild Prussia/Spain
Summary: When Prussia was dissolved, he did not die. But as time passes, even greatness fades to dust.
Notes: OH MY LORD I EXIST. Ahem. Wrote this for the aph_historyswap, which was just fabulous. It was kinda hard because I've already written something about the dissolution of Prussia (about a million and a half years ago) but I think I worked it. Beta'd by the darling breagadoir, and the story is laid out in a similar vein toTime's Arrow or, more specifically, the musical The Last Five Years. So I apologize if you get MASSIVELY CONFUSED.

( "This table is for nations only, Gilbert." )
Tags: -germany, -prussia, fan: fic

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