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Ad: Hetalia Day - Denver, CO, USA

This weekend is the Denver, Colorado Hetalia Day. Just wanted to leave the link to the facebook event page here for anyone who would be interested. Facebook Link

Date: Saturday, October 22, 2011
Location: Washington Park, Picnic Site #1 Map:

[Text from facebook event page hosted by RabbitTales Usagi]

Also, there isn’t a restroom nearby, but there are a few port-a-potties around. So, if you can’t handle them, be prepared to walk.
I have not seen a lot of “I’m bringing food/drinks” so I’m hoping that people still are since this is a picnic after all. The fiance’ and I are providing burgers and dogs (we have a grill, so no worries on that)
Along with food, we will have games! An Italy cosplayer came up and offered to run a few games. The list is bobbing for apples, futbol (soccer), Red rover, Jump the river, and freehand donuts. Also, there will be trivia games (Know your WW2 and Hetalia dates and who’s in the F-box {know your Hetalia character}). There are prizes! Buttons, necklace charms, and….*checks* Yeah, that’s it this year. I couldn’t get an order in for other goodies in time (either they were out before September or they were going to take forever and a day after September).
Going to quickly point out again: I know zombie crawl is the same day, but this event is earlier in the day, so feel free to come to both! The actual crawl isn’t until later at night anyway.
Please be sure to dress according to Colorado weather and remember we’re at a park. Comfy shoes are a plus!

And yes, I will do my best to make the picnic site easy to find. Flags, banners, whatever I can muster together in time.

Last year, people seemed to enjoy the BBQ, so we're going to do that part again, BUT we're bringing a grill (hopefully) so things can move on with cooking a little faster and we can grill a little more.
Please plan on bringing a side dish, dessert, or variety of fluids. If you can't bring something, don't think we'll shun you. There's always plenty of food for everyone.
Just post what you think you'll be bringing so we can get a good balance.
Englands, I'm sorry, but unless you bring a drink with your scones, plan on bringing something else. (there were just a few too many there, so think outside the box. Tea is always a plus in my book ^.^)
Also, if there are any vegetarians/vegans coming, please let me know so I can be sure to have something for you.

If you don't have facebook and have questions leave a comment here and I will ask for you.
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