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[Fanfic] Other Side 3/4

Title: The End
Author/Artist: me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, America, mentions Belarus and Prussia. Veeeery slight AmericaxBelarus
Rating: PG13 
Warnings: None that I can think of...
Summary: "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

    "Hello, Germany." 
    "Will it be today, d'ya think?" 
    "Do you want it to be today?"
    "...When have I not?"
    "That is true."
    "The both of us have someone on the other side of that wall, don't we?"
    "The wall might come down any time now."
    "It might."
    "Do you think they're going to relent? The East has been protesting for quite awhile. The soldiers won't hold up."
    "They've held up for twenty-eight years."
    "But they might not anymore."
    "They had better not."
    "The wall's going to come down, they think. At last. Are you happy?"
    "I'm not happy till I find him again."
    "Well then I'm with you."
    "Is it hard, knowing that even if the Wall falls, you won't find her there?"
    "It is."
    "How do you stand it?"
    "Just like how you stand waiting for your brother. Sheer willpower. And a lot of hope."
    "It must be terrible. You barely even know her. Why?"
    "Ever heard of love at first sight?"
    "I've never believed in it."
    "Well. I do. I never did, but now I do."
    "Because it happened to you?"

    America watched as Germany finally broke down and celebrated with his people, scanning the Germans standing on the Wall for an albino. Reagan's words were still ringing in his ears, still filling him with hope and pure joy, for the first time since the war with Russia had begun. Vietnam may have been lost to him, but he still stood a chance to save Belarus. It was what a hero did, after all. Save people... Lifting his face to the sky, America laughed. This drew curious looks from the German teens around him, but the older generation barely even spared him a glance. Their family members! Friends! Again, they were going to see them again. The atmosphere was like a festival. America watched as more people took the task of breaking down that symbol of oppression upon their own hands, bringing it down with pickaxes, huge drills, hammers, anything they could find. People were drunk with joy, and to America, it seemed as if the whole of Europe were there to watch the German revolution. Frenchmen spoke Danish, Belgians spoke Spanish, and everyone spoke a little German. America had long since lost sight of Germany in the steadily increasing crowd, but he thought that he'd spotted a familiar head of blonde swinging an ordinary household hammer with all his force into the Wall. People cheered whenever a section of wall was smashed open, and border guards were talking to both East and West Germans alike. Nobody had the heart nor the power to stop the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

    This is the sound of freedom.

On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. It marked the end of approximately 28 years of separation. It also marked the end of Communism and the Cold War. Imagine if a man's elderly mother passed away in those twenty-eight years before he could get back to her. He wouldn't even have known. I didn't make the event all melancholy and have the Germans fall to their knees in prayer or something, because that is not what happened. Contrary to seemingly popular belief, yes. I read a heck lot of recounts to try and grasp the general mood of the fall, and it was not exactly very sad. Very joyous, very happy, and it really seemed as if half of Europe assembled by the Wall either to join in on the celebration or to help.  But I'm not even German, and it's just my best guess. So. Almost done now! 
Tags: -america, -germany, fan: fic

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