oilwrestling (oilwrestling) wrote in hetalia,

[Fanfic] Madame Wubbel - Chapter 1: The First Client (Belgium-centric fic)

Title: Madame Wubbel
Author/Artist: oilwrestling
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Belgium-centric. Pairings include: Belgium/Germany, Belgium/Swizerland, Belgium/Austria and Belgium/France. Appearances from a bunch of nations.
Rating: T
Warnings: Language. Adult themes in later chapters.
Summary: Madame Wubbel had the dirt on everybody. It wasn't that they all wanted it, it's that they needed it. Human AU fic, the life of Madame Wubbel.

( Information usually turned into some sort of a two-way street, she found. A quick tongue can only get you so far, because the smart ones won't let you go until they feel as if they fixed their mistakes. )
Tags: -belgium, fan: fic

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