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Blog comics and pictures moved to the main site and a Denmark and Norway comic!

The latest blog post doodles and comics are now also located here. Himaruya has also added a new comic, including Denmark and Norway!

The old comics:
First Turkey And The EU comic
Second Turkey And The EU comic
Mastermind Germany EU comic
Norwegian Butter Crisis chibi

Here's the new chibi doodle, for a preview, in which Norway is Christmas shopping. Or something. The text beneath the comic says "Norwegian Butter Crisis!" so we're probably still on that topic! Is it hard to have Christmas without butter. . . ?
Translation and scanlation by lost_hitsu! Minor-major correction made by aselav

The Norwegian butter crisis! Because of the recently popular diet methods,
the demand for butter got so large that it practically disappeared
from shops, as the news from everywhere informed.

But then Denmark came with the "Let's save Norway's Christmas!" plan,
and offered butter support free of charge.

Since it's so cold in the Nordic countries, it isn't surprising that
the calorie intake there is rather high, so high in fact that it can
put to shame even a calorie imperium like America. Adding butter alone
can possibly help with the digestion.
Something that probably won't be a good idea in warmer countries....
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