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[Lyrics] Taiwan's Character Song - Poipoipoi ♪ - Now updated with Translated version!

I managed to get the lyrics, so I figured I might as well share.

No one could find any free download links for this song, so we'll have to wait for further information.
小籠包 魯肉飯
臭豆腐 タピオカミルクティー
原材料 分かってるけど
言いたくないものは 秘密ネ

龍山寺 神様に聞くヨ
紅い月の神杯投げて 引こう おみくじ

全部忘れて ぽいぽいぽい♪
でも贈りもの こだわるネ (時計はダメヨ)
縁起とても 大事だから
不吉な言葉 ぽいぽいぽい♪
気苦労しても前向いてネ 行こうヨ!

建てたビル 台北101
九? 猫空 西門町
ガイドがときどき 参考に
ならないけど 許してネ

写真館 メイク綺麗に
チャイナドレス 着たら一緒に ポーズ決めようネ

不安な気持ち ぽいぽいぽい♪
ほらCawaiiく変身だヨ (キラキラだネ)
今日の忘れたい ヤなこと
全部流して ぽいぽいぽい♪
温泉癒してくれるネ 浸かろうヨ!

「色んなトコロに温泉 100箇所以上あるゾ♪ お気に入り見つかるといいネ」

縁起とても 大事だから
不吉なコトは ぽいぽいぽい♪
いつも楽しく前向いてネ 行こうヨ!

台湾:「それじゃ老師いくヨ せ~の...ら~いらいらい♪」
中国:「もしもわる... あってねぇあるー!」
台湾:「あ、老師間違えたヨ ごめんネ」

English translation by konbini
I want everyone to enjoy
delicious and cheap cuisine!
Xiaolongbao, Lu rou fan
Stinky tofu, bubble tea
I know their ingredients but
the things I don't want to say are a secret, you know?
Everyone's so kind!
Let's get on a scooter and go for a ride!

Listen to the god at Longshan Temple
Cast the red moons in god's cup, pull out the omikuji

If I get a bad outcome,
I forget all about it and poi poi poi♪
But I'm picky about presents, you know. (No clocks!)
Omens are really important
So unlucky words have got to poi poi poi♪
I worry, but I keep looking forward, you know? Let's go!

There's a lot of good luck
in that Taipei 101
I gather as much lucky eights
as I can, you know!
Nine? Maokong, Ximending
That's not all the good places I've got!
The tour guide has to look them up
from time to time, but forgive her, okay?

Let's go to a photo studio, put on some make up
Wear qipao and choose a pose together♪

When you don't have any confidence
Make those worries go poi poi poi
Look, you're cuter now! (You're sparkling!)
The bad things you want to forget today
Wash them all away and poi poi poi♪
Let the hot spring make you feel better, alright? Let's get soaked!

"I've got a lot of nice hot springs - there are more than a hundred of them, you know♪ Look for your favorite one!"

Plum blossoms are small flowers but
they'll definitely bear fruit one day
and put a smile on everyone's faces
Omens are really important
So unlucky words have got to poi poi poi♪
I always have fun and keep looking forward, you know? Let's go!

China: Aiya-! Taiwan, what are you doing?
Taiwan: Oh, Teacher? Are your joints dislocated again?
China: No! I was having a bad day that time...
Taiwan: Ah, Teacher, maybe you wanted to sing with me? It's okay, I'll let you sing!
China: Really?! I'm so happy~...
Taiwan: Let's go, Teacher! One, two...
China: If I get a bad...
Taiwan: La~i lai lai♪
China: Those aren't the lyrics!
Taiwan: Ah, Teacher made a mistake! Sorry!

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