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Last chance to order from Tora/K-books Group Order + selling tons of items(updated)

Last chance to purchase for the Group Order and for current orders, payment is due tomorrow!

Payment 1(Books + Commission fee):
1) Cost of doujinshi

200 yen per book between 1-20 pages - *if you order more than 10 books commission will drop to a flat 175 yen per book
250 yen per book between 21-100 pages
350 yen per book between 101-200 pages
450 yen per book between 201-300 pages
650 yen per book between 301-400 pages
401+ pages order by order case

Payment deadline is Saturday 21st!
If you participated in my last order you get an additional discount!

MORE INFO HERE @ alex_sales

My feedback can be found HERE!

After a lot of debating with myself I've decided to maybe offer up my USUK ArtStella Spades cards for sale, however this is my I'm-not-sure price. I'm also selling a hand drawn Kuromorry drawing of England that I was able to score when one of their books were released. I'm taking offers on it since I'm not sure how to price it. I've also lowered the prices to a majority of the doujinshi(prices start at .25 cents!) so please come take a look if you are interested!

Pairings include:
USUK, UK/US, UK/Spain, Russia/America, Bad Friends Trio, US/UK/Japan, France/England, US/France/England, US/Canada/US, Nordics, UK/Japan, Prussia/Japan, Netherlands/Japan, America/Japan, Prussia/Austria, etc.

Doujins and stuff HERE @ alex_sales
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