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The lost sheep

Hetalia Q&A - translation

Original post here, it's a sort of a disclaimer for Kitayume pages.

Thanks  jammerlea for the editing.

■ About this site
This site is about a historical comedy with country personifications as well as about a radio club with personifications of Japanese prefectures.
Basically the author of this site just loves countries and there will be lots of obsessive geography jokes and current events and 2chan jokes, as well as the occasional BL fooling around, so if you don't like this sort of stuff it's better you don't look at all.
Persistant people who aren't into this and are still reading, good luck.

■About links
Feel free to use them wherever you want. Also the links to various mangas and articles under hyperlinks are okay. 
Only please, refrain from hotlinking to the pictures other than the page's banner. 

■About the copyright
Everything concerning the derivate works - your own characters, doujinshi, fanart, animation or games and cosplay, is free for you to use as long as it is within the range of your own hobbies.  It's not necessary to personally ask for permission. 
For the permission to use these in regularly published books please directly ask Gentosha comics.
Also I don't particularly mind the pictures being used in an anime website, but if you are going to use them somewhere else, please add some sort of credit for the page.
Selling of CDs with downloaded material is strictly forbidden.

■ About cosplay
It's okay to cosplay any of the characters from this page..
Hetalia costumes are based on actual historical uniforms, but I played around with the designs a bit so they are a bit different now.

■About printing and reprinting
The comics on this page are allowed to be printed and reprinted as long as the source is added, but please refrain from selling these or using them on payed sites. 

■About requests
It sometimes takes a considerable amount of time from the moment I receive an email until I get to the actual request, so pictures for somebody's birthday are more or less impossible to draw. However, it can be that I will sometimes draw interesting requests that don't have time restrictions.

■About games
Feel free to share your game reviews with me.
I don't mind if you add a screenshot as well.
But please, spare me any major spoilers like who the culprit is or how it ends
Also please refrain from the redistribution of games that aren't publicly available anymore.

■About manga
Kitakou Broadcasting Club: Manga about a broadcasting club in a provincial Kitakou high school
Barjona: Manga about a broadcasting club in a delinquent high school
Hetalia: History comedy manga featuring nation personifications.

Tags: official: manga
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