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[RP Ad] ✁ Tomorrow Never Dies {Hetalia AU RP}

"Just be disarming, darling..."
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❖ In the dark streets of London, they roam.

The city is alive with a vibrant history, the boats on the River Thames, tourists everywhere, royal pride, and lost hopes and dreams. People of all kinds converge into one unit here in London. The students and the hipsters, the showgirls and the tourists, the dreamers and the professionals. And of course... thecriminals. The lawless, disturbing the peace and inhabiting the dark underbelly of London. It becomes a problem when they rise to the beautiful silver lace to paint it red.

❖ They lay down their lives to protect her.

The Agents of the MI6 are there to protect her. Protect London, protect Britannia, protect the world. They are the intelligence service of the United Kingdom. They are a special kind of soldier that end your wars before they start, who hold their gun not to kill, but to get to their goal. Their agendas are unknown, their identities changing by the day. They thrive and survive on unpredictability and fear losing their own true identity. But all for the country.

❖ They walk among you. And you among them.

What will you be doing in London? A variety of people inhabit the city, explore it, treasure it, vandalize it, protect it... what is your story in London?
**OCs, Nyo!hetalia, and tons of characters are available!
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