Chelsea Guzom (dubtalia_ap) wrote in hetalia,
Chelsea Guzom

Hetalia Volumes 4 and 5 Coming Over to NA in Holiday 2013!

After RightStuf had acquired to re-release Hetalia Volumes 1-3 from Tokyopop, we now finally get Volumes 4 and 5!

In RightStuf's AnimeEXPO announcements, at least on their website that I see, when I clicked on the arrows to browse through, I see this here:


When clicking on their PDF file, I searched up more on what they have to say about these two volumes:


That's right, on December 2013, North America will finally have the English manga of Hetalia Vol. 4 and 5. I have expected this to come out some time with the Beautiful World series. Seems like Tokyopop as well continues to do with the translations. Not only that, first pre-orders will come with eight-page colored inserts, similar to the ones who first ordered Vols. 1-3.

Merry Christmas indeed!

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