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Cosplay Photos

Title: Momma and Baby Cosplay
Costumer:ani_bester (I sewed my son's costume- my own is most thrifted and altered)
Characters England and Chibi America
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Hello! Hetalia newbie here. I just got into the fandom this August (and still feeling my way around a lot of things). Usually I'm more of a fanartist in fandom's, but other art business and a webcomic have made it hard for me to do a lot of fanart so, I am posting first with some of the Cosplay Photos of taken of (and with) my son.

"One Day, I will be the Hero"

One Day . . .

But not yet!


My husband got into the act to, donning a kilt (which you can't see here) and taking Uni around, to be Scotland (I know Scotland is an OC character-and this is not the normal fandom take either- If you need me to pull these, let me know. I just wanted to show my husband getting into the fun.
Also, this is not a ship thing per se. Scotland was one of the few Nations I thought my husband could pull off without shaving his beard. Also that is my AA set up and a tiny local con. I don't usually like to do cosplay with wigs at shows I work at, cause it gets uncomfortable and hot, but this one was so small and my husband was excited for the excuse to wear his kilt XP.

Tags: -america, -england, fan: cosplay

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