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Pesce Rosso - Can somebody help me, please?

Dear Hetalia-fans, especially Spamano-fans! :)

I am sure you know Pesce Rosso's (Zukki or Zucchi) Spamano artworks and doujinshis. Everbody loves her style. So do I. Sadly, one day my CD had disabled. It doesn't work. I have lost many pics and doujinshis. Luckily I could collect them from different websites. I could collect those doujinshis: 'Happy birthday', 'Kurun', 'Little Oyabun', 'From good morning till good night', 'Paranormal Unexplained' and some short stories. The tumblr has full of pics of course, but some (or many) pics miss which are rare. Sadly, Zukki had deleted some artworks from her Pixiv and Twitter since she began to draw Free!

So, if you have her artworks (or doujinshi) could you send them, please? I'll write my e-mail address on private message. It is not a problem if you send all pics, I can sort them out. And I hope I can help you too in gratitude :)

Thank you very much!!! ^_^
Tags: -italy south (romano), -spain

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