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More Fanart: America and England Mochi Theater + Tales of a Sick England

Title: Saga of a Sick England
Character: France, England,  (could be FrUk or could be France just getting England's goat) and Ireland
Rating: G
Media: Doodles on Post It Notes
Summary: I was insanely sick for two weeks, which inspired both of these. The first was inspired by me joking that England was probably deliberately tryung to get France sick.  The second was inspired because, for reasons, I can't take decongestants and at one point I literally resorted to whiskey shots to clear my sinuses. -_-

(because my handwriting is appalling, a translation)

England: That wasn't medicine! That was whiskey

Ireland: Are you still congested?

E: . . .

I: See, and if you drink enough of it, you won't care you're sick

E: Fine, but you'll have to deal with me when I get drunk

I: Nope. I told Wales to trade with me in 4 hours. That should be about when you are naked in the fairy rings

E: Ireland, Did you tell Wales you were getting me drunk?

I: Why should I explain the obvious to him?

Title: England's Only Friend
Character: Mochi England and Mochi America
Rating: G
Media: Doodles on Post It Notes
Summary: I was sad about being at work Dec 23rd because I was so SO dang sick and work.  This is how I amused myself. America trying to cheer England up, England being Grumpy, Carols and other stuff

I was so.erked Inspelled Gray with an A in this..So.erked.

America's Note in the 3rd panel says:
Dude, next time draw yourself as a wet blanket (and don't forget the bushes over your eyes)
PS: You are cranky because you eat oatmeal for breakfast like the old man you are. EAT MORE BACON

A: try this breakfast taco, Iggy.You need to have more than leaf water when sick.

E: Shockingly this is good. What's in it?

A: Good stuff! Chicken, Tomatoes, Jalapeños..

E: dead

A: Oh c'mon Iggy! I have seen you eat curry! your space game is not that weak. . . Iggy?

A: Mexico, dude. If I killed England with Jalapeños, what do I do? . . . How do does giving some to Spain Help?

again if too small to read)
A: Dude! England! Let's go caroling down the halls!!

E: No, I'm working

A: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, with hamburgers on top, please!

E: No and that's final; you cannot change my mind.

A: . . . . .

A: *Super cute* Pwease go caroling wif me Engwend!


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